Christina Varga (b. 1971, Milwaukee, WI) is a self-taught visionary artist living in the Hudson Valley.  Her work incorporates a variety of materials including up-cycled, recycled and discarded objects, appropriated day-to-day ephemera such as vintage maps and magazines, holographic mylar, tissue paper, and mixed media including paint pens, pastels, acrylic, and oil paints. Her subject matter references pop culture trends, interdimensional pattern, and often a repetition of Pixelated squares. In 2003 Christina Varga founded VARGA Gallery in Woodstock, New York. For over a decade she showcased an eclectic variety of cutting edge artists and conceived, planned, publicized, and curated hundreds of exhibitions. She directed and produced the weekly cable access program "Apocalypse VARGA", an Arts, Culture, and Media Variety Show showcasing artists represented by VARGA Gallery as well as musicians, speakers, and other creative industry professionals. The show was a visual concoction of transitions, video effects, and improvisation.  During it’s 5 year run "Apocalypse VARGA" had an international audience via live webcasts.  Varga’s work has been shown at The American Visionary Art Museum in the 13th mega exhibit: "All Faiths Beautiful," The Cathedral Church of St. John The Divine, and at Kunsttiendaagse in Bergen, North Holland. Her work is in the collections of a number of celebrities including Uma Thurman, Grace Potter, Dweezil Zappa, Kate Pierson and Dave Wakeling. Varga has been featured in The Sufi Journal, Raw Vision, Resurgence Magazine, The New York Times, as well as other regional, national, and international publications. “Golden Mosaic Buddha” was the cover art of Chronogram Magazine’s December, 2006 edition. Christina Varga lives and works in Phoenicia, NY. Her studio at 175 Main Street fuses her love of gardening, creativity and motherhood. She is the proud mother of two children and a self-proclaimed Art/Garden/Life-ist.

VARGA Gallery & Studio

VARGA Gallery was founded in 2003 in Woodstock, New York and  thrilled the Hudson Valley with Outsider, Eclectic Self-taught and Folk Artists.  VARGA Gallery's TV Show - Apocalypse VARGA - enjoyed a global audience through live webcasts featuring artists and musicians participating in exhibits at VARGA Gallery.  The Woodstock location of VARGA Gallery closed its doors on Halloween Night in 2014.  

Currently, Christina Varga of VARGA Gallery resides in Phoenicia, New York and practices Permaculture and Harmonious Living with the Earth. Our latest video production "The Homestead Show" is aimed at  reaching others who are also seeking to better themselves and the planet by listening and learning how to live in harmony with our home while teaching our children do the same.  
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About VARGA Gallery
VARGA Gallery & Studio
175 Main Street 
Phoenicia, NY 12464
Christina Varga, founder of VARGA Gallery, is an enthusiastic Gardener, Mother and Artist - an Art | Garden | Life-ist  - seeking to revive the art of Sustainably Living on Your Own Land, reaping the benefits and Harvests that come with thoughtful engagement with the plants and animals that surround us. Our goal is to inspire EVERYONE to find ways to grow their own food and celebrate life through Creative Living that spans the gamut from Making Art to Baking Bread.